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Leslie Allen is a Sausalito, California artist and architect working in a variety of media and formats.

This website features paintings inspired by reverence for the natural world. Her work evokes the sensory experience of being immersed in a particular ecology and place. Leslie’s “Contemporary Realist” paintings highlight the beauty of both nature and human interventions in the landscape.


ICB Studio appointments available by request.


My work includes landscapes of my local environs, particularly Marin County and Point Reyes, in Northern California, as well as other places and painting types.  I accept commissions for both realistic and abstract color

field paintings.  


Interested in a commissioned painting or other artwork?


I would be happy to talk with you about your ideas, options, pricing and time frames.


Please email me at 


I am a licensed architect, as well as a fine artist, and work in a variety of media including sculpture and special wall treatments.  If you have a project in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact me about integrating art into your architecture or landscape.


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